• Gram Slam Instagram Stories Course with Alex Beadon - Honest Review

    Before I took Gram Slam, I did not have a plan when it came to posting to Instagram Stories, I would randomly post stories and no one engaged with them. After taking Gram Slam, I am no longer overwhelmed with how to post to Instagram Stories and I love engaging with my audience through the app. Plus my audience grows daily!

    One of the best things that I learned from Alex is that I don’t have to show my face on instagram stories every time to still engage with my audience AND you can prerecord your stories so you don’t feel like you’re ALWAYS ONLINE.

    I now spend LESS TIME on Instagram because I have a plan!

  • How to Make Youtube Thumbnails with Canva (2019)

    I'm going to show you the exact process that I use and how you can make your own YouTube thumbnails in Canva.

    If you prefer to watch the video, you can click play below or continue reading.

  • Remove Background From Image: Quick and Easy with remove.bg

    I wanted to show you how you can remove the background of a photo really quickly by using this application website called remove.bg. You can do it on your phone or you can use it on your desktop.

    It's super super super simple to use and then in another video/blog post, I'll show you how I use this to make my thumbnails or cover art for my youtube channel and how simple it is you don't need Photoshop. It doesn't cost anything and it's just a really quick and easy app to use.

  • How to Overcome the Fear of Being on Camera and Create Videos

    These are my five tips that have really helped me overcome the fear of being on camera and creating videos.

  • How to Convert Video or Audio Content to Text (+ Create Blog Posts Quickly)

    Have you ever wondered how to repurpose your audio or video content into text? This post will show you how I convert audio to text for free and repurpose my videos into blog posts!

    This process is great for creating blog posts, social media captions and more from content that is already created.

    Click below to WATCH the FULL video:

  • How to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Your Videos

    Here are three places to find really good background music for your youtube videos or any videos really. If you’d like to watch the video training instead, click the play button below.

  • How to Add and Edit Captions on your YouTube Videos

    In this post, I'm going to show you how to easily add captions to your YouTube videos.

    Confession: the first time I uploaded a YouTube video to my channel, I didn't really know that you could edit your captions YouTube. YouTube auto-generates your captions and this is really embarrassing... but one day I was watching one of my own videos and I didn't have the sound on but I had the captions on.

    I have one video that has over 10,000 views and I started watching it and I was like oh my gosh… where I was saying, “hey there it's Lindsey.” It had auto-corrected and it said, “Hey there, I'm stinky!!” and I was like what? are you kidding me? this is like my highest performing video on YouTube and it says, I'm stinky?!?!? 😳oh my gosh… it was horrible… it's horrible.

    I quickly learned how to edit my captions and here’s how you can too!

    WATCH THE VIDEO or continue reading below.

  • How to create Instagram Story Templates with the UnFold App

    If you have ever wondered how to make pretty instagram templates, most likely the app that is being used is the UnFold app.

    You can download the FREE unfold app for iOS here or visit their website here.

    Instagram story templates come in handy when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, save time or stay on brand.

  • How to Gain Confidence on Video

    Start creating videos with confidence.

    I love teaching business owners how to create video content and grow their online presence with confidence.

    Through video tutorials, social media and the Action Taker Haven, I'm here to guide you through the video stuff with ease!

    Video confidence has not always been something that I have been good at, but with patience and practice you can achieve confidence on video.

    I’m about to share with you some of the very same tips that helped me grow my videos from 10 views per month to 10,000+ views per month on my YouTube Channel in my first year of creating videos…

    ...without Facebook ads

    ...without webinars

    ...without a fancy business coach

    If I can do it...then SO CAN YOU.

  • How to Record Your iPhone Screen and Voice at the Same Time

    Every Tuesday on Instagram I post a how to tutorial, and How I record my iPhone Screen and Voice at the same time was so popular I thought that I would share it with you here.

    This feature comes in handy when you’re trying to show or tell someone how to do something on your phone. You can choose to record your screen or record your screen and voice at the same time.

    Feel free to watch the video or read the text below for the step-by-step tutorial.

  • How to Create a Gradient in Canva

    This video was created after someone requested how to create a gradient in Canva in 2016. A lot has changed with Canva since creating this video but this tutorial still works well. Enjoy! Click below to watch the video.

  • How to Setup your Tailwind App Account for Pinterest

    Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler and it has helped me save so much time when using Pinterest.

    I’ve been using Tailwind for about 6 months but over the past few months I have been very intentional with how I’m using the app.

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