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Sometimes it is really hard to be true to who you are online.. I reaaaalllly used to struggle with this. I would find myself saying "but me and my online brand wouldn't say that..." or etc. but here's ONE thing that has really helped me. When I get overwhelmed or I'm not quite sure what to say in a post...

I think of ONE person.

I keep that one person in mind that I know needs to hear what I'm going to tell them. I write / speak to them and talk like I'm talking to a friend.

This makes things easier for me for a few reasons:⠀

  1. I can just think of one person instead of getting overwhelmed with the billions of people online.⠀

  2. This helps me stay focused and stay true to my own voice and who I am within my business.

  3. It helps me humanize my brand because I'm talking like I would be in real life.

This simple trick works for ALL of my content.

Once I made this small shift, I noticed that my engagement tripled. Yes, my engagement has tripled on all of my content.

Which has me feeling like this:

I want this for you too!

So the next time you want to plan out your content or write a caption for social media instead of talking to an audience and using terms like "hey everybody or hey everyone, etc." replace those with "hey friend, hey you" or whatever term/ phrase you would use if you were talking to a friend. ⠀

Try this the next time you're planning out your content and let me know if it helps!⠀

You'll be amazed how this one small change will increase your engagement and help you feel true to who you are online.

Do you have any tips that help you stay true to your own voice online? Please share in the comments below, I'd love to know.

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