How to Get Comfortable with Creating Video Content

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Today I'm going to share with you things that are helpful as far as video creation goes.

When you first start creating video... I want you to start with where you are comfortable.

I don't want you to say things like, "oh I need to have this or I need to have that or I need a new camera or I need a background or any of that stuff." You really really really just need to focus on what you are comfortable with and where you are now.

When I first started doing video, I did not want to be on camera. I did not want to see my face on camera because I was self conscious and I had a lot of fears/excuses but I just had to get over that. Once I got in front of the camera I have been able to connect with people more, grow my online presence and my business has grown FAST.

I even taught a challenge on How to Gain Confidence on Camera which is still kind of crazy to me but it went really well.

If you're not comfortable with being on camera yet just start doing things like screen recordings with some of this tools that I mention here and just kind of get used to:

  • hearing your voice

  • talking to a camera (I put a note under the lens that says "LOOK HERE!" as a reminder.)

  • know what you're going to say

  • go through the steps and practice

  • do virtual coffee chats with others

  • join a group program or mastermind

  • record audio recordings

  • do live streams

  • and etc.

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And then eventually you will get to the point where you're ready to get on camera... get in front of the camera.

Now I get it you might be reading this and thinking nope, not me and that's okay.

If you're still on the fence a little bit I suggest to just try to get it on camera. Record a video and don't share it and just see you know how you like it.

If you're feeling brave, share it with some friends or see how your audience responds to it and then go from there.

At least you'll be able to say that you tried it, you know?!

For most of my videos, i just use a webcam it's a Logitech webcam and I use the microphone that's and inside the camera. I do have an external microphone that's a Yeti and then I also have you know like a little lapel microphone that clips onto my shirt and that works well as well but you know for most of my videos I've just been telling myself that I'm not going to make them too crazy complicated where I'm going to procrastinate and try get them perfect. So I just create them and put them up on youtube and my blog and just make it as simple as I can.

When you're doing video don't overthink it. Just get it out there and see how it does.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

You want to learn to laugh at yourself because you will do a lot of things that you think are weird but you know what? Your audience will connect with those weird things or you laughing at yourself or something funny happening. So embrace those things.

Creating videos has helped my business so much and I know that if I can do it, you can too!

Prefer to watch the video? Click play below!

What's holding you back from creating video content for your business? Please share, I'd love to know! If you have any questions just leave them below!

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