How to Comment With a gif on Facebook

How to comment with a gif on facebook via

A gif stands for graphics interchange format and is a bitmap image format file. It’s not a video file, think of it as a moving picture file. Gifs are a great way to respond to people and can often be confused with a meme.

I use gifs ALL THE TIME and figured it was about time to do a quick tutorial on how you can use gifs too.

Previously on Facebook to display a gif in a comment you had to go to a site like giphy or tenor, search for your gif or create one, copy the link or save it to your computer as a .gif file and then upload it to Facebook.

It would often make me feel like this:

Thankfully Facebook saved us those steps and now you can click on the gif icon within a comment on Facebook, scroll or search for the gif you want and comment with a gif. Yay!

Here are a few ways to comment with a gif on Facebook:

How to comment with a gif on Facebook via your computer:

how to comment with a gif on facebook via

How to comment with a gif via the Facebook mobile app:

How to post a gif on a new post on Facebook via giphy:

How to create a quick screencast using

Go to and download the software, follow the directions to create a quick screencast.

how to create a quick screencast using

How to create your own gifs easily using recordit:

1. After recording your screencast, click the gif button on the bottom right corner.

2. After the gif is saved, hold down control while clicking to right click or right click on your pc, select "Save image as...", name your gif file, save it as a gif.

How to create your own gifs easily using recordit via

So there you have it, a quick way to comment with gifs on Facebook.

Hopefully this post was helpful for you!

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Do you use gifs online? Please share, I'd love to know! Feel free to comment below with your favorite gif!

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