How to Schedule Social Media with Smarterqueue (+ 30 Day Free Trial)

How to Schedule Social Media with SmarterQueue (+ 30 day free trial)

** This post contains referral links, I only share tools that I absolutely love. **

Recently I wrote about Why I Switched from Meet Edgar to SmarterQueue and this post has been super popular. To read why I switched to SmarterQueue click here. Read on to learn how to use SmarterQueue for your online business.

SmarterQueue is quite new to the social media scheduling world but I love it!

I save 10+ hours each week using SmarterQueue. Tweet that!

For reference, I have used these social media scheduling tools: Post Planner, buffer, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Sprout Social, Recurpost, and IFTTT. SmarterQueue makes the most sense for me and my business and hopefully after this post you'll see why I love this tool.

These videos will help you learn how to get started with SmarterQueue.

Note: I use SmarterQueue to schedule Facebook and Twitter. You can also use SmarterQueue for these below:

Before you schedule content, you need to add content to this social media scheduling tool.

The video below will show you how to add content to SmarterQueue.

Once you add your content, then you can schedule your social media content.

One of the reasons why I love SmarterQueue is because I can schedule it once, set it on evergreen and it will recycle it automagically for me. This alone saves me SO MUCH TIME. I don't have to hire anyone, I don't have to schedule content each week or research when the best times to schedule content are and I can switch it up when I'm doing a launch or promo.

If you sign up with my link, you can extend your 14-day trial to a 30-day trial. Click the button below to get started right now!

So tell me, have you tried SmarterQueue yet? Which social media scheduler do you use? Please share, I'd love to know!

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