The Ultimate Guide to Using Tailwind for Pinterest

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I started using Tailwind a few months ago and wow I am loving it. In three short months, I have grown my website traffic, email list, and Pinterest following.

Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduling tool you can also use it for Instagram but I haven't used that feature yet.

So before I tell you why you'll love Tailwind, get some helpful links and a video training, I want to share with you what life was like for me before Tailwind.

I used BoardBooster and would try to use the tools it had but it wasn’t very intuitive, the user interface took me back in time to when I had a xanga account and I kept reading how BoardBooster wasn’t an Official Pinterest Marketing Developer. This scared me a bit because I didn't want to be banned from Pinterest for not using an official partner.

I would also pin natively on Pinterest via my computer or the iPhone app. I was pinning 15-20 pins a day and looping pins. My account was doing okay but then I kept hearing from my friends how amazing Tailwind was so I signed up through a friend’s link and got 100 pins for free. I took my time while I used the free trial, looked at my results once it ran out and it was a no brainer for me to sign up for the paid version.

If you sign up through my link you can get 100 pins for Free and a $15 credit!

Here are FIVE things that you will love about Tailwind:

1. You can pin anywhere between 1-100+ pins a day.

I have found that 30-50 pins a day work best for me right now.

2. Board Lists allow you to pin to multiple boards at once.

By creating a board list you are able to pin to multiple boards at once and then add an interval time to when they will post so that you don't post all of them at the same time (which looks spammy). This saves me SO much time and I know that it will help you too.

Here's a quick walkthrough of using Board Lists:

Follow Amanda Cross on Pinterest for blogging tips!

3. Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.

4. The Chrome Extension is a complete timesaver!

Download the extension here.

5. Tailwind tribes are amazing to grow your reach.

A Tailwind Tribe is kind of like a Pinterest group board but better! You are able to connect with people within the same niche as you and the reach you can get from Tailwind Tribes is amazing. One tribe that I am in reaches over 1.2 M people! This is huge because since I have under 2k followers but using a tribe, I’m able to reach more people if my pins are repinned from the tribe!

If you pin about Creative Business tips and blogging, you can join my Tailwind Tribe here!

Here are a few helpful links about Tailwind Tribes:

(note: be sure to read the tribes in the comments too!)

Watch my quick video walkthrough below!

Want to create a video like this? Try Loom for free here!

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of more helpful posts about Tailwind:

Want to grab 100 pins for free and $15 credit? Sign up below!

Do you use Tailwind for Pinterest? What are your favorite things about the app? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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