How to Create Quote Graphics for Social Media

How to Create Quote Graphics for Social Media via @hazelhaven

Sometimes social media is more than just a pretty photo, when you USE words on your graphics, you are able to connect with your audience, ask questions and provide inspiration.

I schedule my quote graphics on other platforms to grow my reach and recycle them regularly. When I started sharing quote graphics on Instagram and Twitter, I noticed a huge difference in engagement and shares!! I want this for you too!

This is the EXACT process that I use when I create quote graphics.

Step 1: Find a quotation to share.

To make things easy on myself I have a Pinterest board full of quotes to choose from. You could also keep a word document or spreadsheet as well.

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Want to copy + Paste Quotes for your Quote graphics?

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Step 2: Create the Graphic.

Note: I use Canva to create mine. Here's a example:

How to Create Quote Graphics for Social Media via @hazelhaven

Using words on your social media graphics, helps you connect and grow! Tweet That!

Step 3: Share on social media!

Software / Apps you can use to create Quote Graphics:

Want to create your own Quote Graphics for Social Media?

Watch the video below to learn how!

Do you create quote graphics for social media? What tools do you like to use? Please share in the comments below, I'd love to know!

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