How to Get Started with Live Streaming Video

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In November 2018, I started a free Facebook group called, Creative Biz Haven for creative business owners to come together and learn how to use the tools for their businesses. I had this crazy idea that I would go LIVE each week to answer questions, share value and etc.

Here's the thing though... live video used to scare me so much. Seeing my face on camera for any video scared me BUT I knew in my gut that I needed to show up to humanize my brand.

My first live stream was so awkward. I used to sit on a medicine ball for my "chair" and when I did my first live stream I was subconsciously bouncing up and down and rolling side to side while I was sharing some tips about creating opt-ins. That sounds professional right? I only had 2 people show up live and I didn't notice it until watching the replay afterward. I have retired my medicine ball and now sit in a chair but that was definitely a learning lesson!

For anyone who has gone live or wants to go live one day think of it like this, Live video is like the first pancake, they get better and better. ☺ Today through Thursday every day at 1 PM CST @karina_mettsphoto, @katiewilliamsen, @myvirtualnewton and I will be going live on our facebook pages to help you get your social together! Come join us by signing up at 🙌 Know someone who has awesome live videos? Tag them below!

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I have pushed through the fears of seeing myself on video by creating weekly live video streams and starting a YouTube channel.

Going live has helped my business so much and I want this for YOU too!

Do you need to do live streaming video? No, of course not. Do you want to try it and see if it helps your business? That's great. I truly believe that if I can do this, you can too.

Watch the video below to learn how you can get started with live streaming video.

Here are my tips that will help you get started with live streaming Video:

1. Test it out.

Test it out on your phone or camera before going live. Make sure that the framing is right. That the camera is at a good angle and not looking up your nose or giving you a double chin and etc. I know this sounds silly, but checking these things beforehand will give you peace of mind during your live stream.

2. Keep it short.

Keep your live stream anywhere from five minutes to twenty minutes. You don't want it to go on too long. Know what you're going to talk about beforehand, you don't need to have a script but write down what you will talk about.

Ideas to talk about could be 3 tips on ________ or 5 tools that I use for my business or Live Questions and Answers (Q+A).

Note: If you do decide to answer questions, be sure to get those questions BEFORE you go live.

3. Speak like you are talking to one person.

This is hands down my favorite tip for all videos, when you speak to your camera like you are talking to one person it makes whoever is watching feel like you're talking to them. Plus, when you have one person in mind it also helps calm your nerves so you don't feel like you're talking to a whole room full of people.

Have one person in mind that you know needs to hear what you're talking about and this will help you get through your live stream without getting overwhelmed.

4. Have an accountability partner.

Having someone show up live for you is great because it will help you get through and not make you feel awkward while you are talking to your camera. An accountability partner can be your best friend, your biz bestie, your partner, and etc. Having someone there for support will help you get more comfortable being on live video. You will be so thankful for this person taking the time to show up for you.

5. Put on something that makes you feel confident.

This can be a favorite piece of clothing, wearing your hair a certain way, or putting on some makeup or lipstick. When I first started doing videos I never put on lipstick and looked like I was living in frumptown. I wear lipstick in my videos now and it's amazing the difference that it makes on video.

I love this Lipsense lipstick so much I started selling it, if you're interested in buying a lipstick that stays on all day and doesn't come off during your videos, click here to learn more.

When you wear something that makes you feel comfortable it will definitely help you feel more confident during your live videos.

6. If you don't like the video you can delete it.

If you go through a live stream and you don't like it, you can always delete it. That video does not have to stay online. Delete it and then try again when you're ready.

7. Promote your live stream before you go live.

So many people get discouraged when they go live and no one shows up. If you do not tell people that you're going live, they will not show up for you.

Be sure to give people a heads up that you're going to go live a few days ahead of time. Tell people that you are going to go live, let them know what they should expect to hear from you during the live stream when/where you are going live, and they will show up.

I do not create these graphics anymore because I do weekly live streams but here's an example that I made in Canva to help with promo beforehand:

Here are a few platforms that you can use to go live with:

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Have you gone live yet? Which platform do you prefer to use? Please share, I'd love to know!

How to Get Started with Live Streaming Video

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