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Making videos is important not only for business owners but also for anyone who wants to save memories, experiences or etc, and shares them at a later date. I remember my parents taking videos of our family when I was a kid and I’m so thankful to have those videos to look back on now that I’m an adult and starting my own family.

I love a good story but being able to share your story or explain how something works with a video is so much more than a photograph.

Sharing videos explaining what our company was all about was what helped me work my way up to the Marketing Director position at my previous corporate job. Working in the tech world it’s easy to get lost, but by showing videos I was able to help the company grow. I created videos for High Executive conferences, international and domestic trade shows and etc. I learned how to shoot and edit my own videos through things like YouTube and tutorials online.

When I started my own business, I knew that video would be important to use but little did I know that I would end up teaching videos here online. In 2017, I started my YouTube channel and grew my views from 10 views a month to over 10,000 views a month with simple strategies that I list here. Creating video content has been the best thing for my business and I hope that I can inspire you to make videos that you love too!


Video content is any content that includes videos. Types of video content include pre-recorded videos, live videos, video tutorials, movies, webinars, testimonial videos, and so on.

Platforms popular for video content include:

  • YouTube (pre-recorded or YouTube live)

  • Instagram (Instagram feed videos, Instagram Story videos, IGTV videos, and Instagram live)

  • Facebook (pre-recorded or Facebook live)

  • TikTok (pre-recorded or TikTok live)

  • Twitch (live videos)

  • Twitter (pre-recorded or live)

    and so on.

Some common misconceptions about making videos are that people often think that they need to have a background in filmmaking, video editing, and so on to make videos but that is not the case at all. Most people who have successful videos have just started and learned to make better videos along the way.



To get started with making videos you really only need a camera (most likely your mobile device like an iPhone), light, a microphone and a topic to make a video on.

You know the famous phrase from movie productions that goes like this…. Lights! Camera! Action!! Think of that before you hit record next time.

Here are a few more things to help you before you start:




To be successful with making videos all you need to do is start and stay consistent. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. With each video, you will learn something new and by staying consistent you will learn what works, what does not work, and how you can improve your next video.

I always tell my Insiders that the best way to gain momentum with your videos is by starting where you’re comfortable. If you don’t want to show your face on camera then just do a voiceover and record what you’re doing instead.



  • Do I have to start a YouTube channel?

    • No, you do not need to start a YouTube channel if you don’t want to. Choose a platform that you are comfortable with and then explore other ones in the future. Starting a YouTube channel for me personally, it has been the best thing for not only my business but also my own confidence. However, I did do weekly Facebook lives for 6 months and I do daily Instagram stories too.

  • Do I need fancy equipment?

    • No, the best thing to do is use what you already have. When I started making videos, all I used was my iPhone and the white headphones with a microphone that came with my phone. For lighting, I sat in front of a window or used a table lamp. Use what you have then upgrade when you can afford to.

  • Do I have to show my face on camera?


Done is better than perfect. So get out there are publish those videos! If I can do it so can you!

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