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Believe me, I get it- showing your face on video is scary at first. 🙈But here are 5 videos you can record without showing your face.

Don’t want to show your face on camera? I got you!

✨You don’t have to be on camera to create good video content!✨

p.s. my whole first year on YouTube I never showed my face on video!

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Here are 5 videos you can record without showing your face:

1. A screen recording of your computer or phone.
I have a few videos on how to do this on my YouTube channel if you want to learn how.

2. Repurpose a podcast or blog post as a video.
There are a lot of apps that will do this for you.

3. A top down video of your hands doing something.
A few examples of people doing this well with a little music added are:
- Amanda @amandaefaber
- Gerry @gerryscraftroom
- Thao @paperpetalshsv

4. A video of something you are looking at or experiencing.
Think travel videos or traditional videos.

5. A presentation with a voiceover.
Examples for this would be something like a webinar or lesson. Designed in something like PowerPoint, Keynote or @canva.


A video of a game you’re playing.

Gaming videos are really popular to watch on youtube and is another great faceless video idea.

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