What to Put in the Description on YouTube - YouTube Description Template

Your description box under your YouTube videos is a very important place to utilize on your YouTube channel. This is also known as your YouTube description. By including a description under your videos, you can gain more views, subscribers, and even make money with the information that you place here. Knowing what to put in the description box varies but this template has helped me gain over 550,000 views on my channel and make affiliate sales while I’m sleeping.

Here is the template to copy + paste and fill in with your own information below!

(Insert your keyword heavy description of the video here.)

(Insert Call to Action: example: link to affiliate link, link to a product, link to a freebie, etc.)


(Insert links or resources mentioned in your video)


(Insert your affiliate links for products mentioned in the video.){PEOPLE ARE NOSEY and want to know what you used! Plus you can earn a commission! You can also set up a resource page! See below!}

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: http://bit.ly/2MEyU2u

TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/lindseyhazel

Camera + built-in microphone:

Budget-Friendly Lighting:

ALL of my FAVORITE resources: https://www.lindseyhazel.com/recommendations

Let's Connect:

(insert your other social media links)


For other helpful videos on watch this:

insert related video or playlist

Send snail mail here:

(insert address)

DISCLAIMER: This video description might have some affiliate links and I may receive a small commission. I only share the tools and resources that I love and use regularly. Thank you so much for your support! 😍

insert 2-5 hashtags relating to your video topic

examples: #videomarketing #smallyoutuber

If you want to learn how to add this into your channel defaults click the video below to learn how now!

What things do you like to leave in your YouTube description? Let me know below!

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