How to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Your Videos

How to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Your Videos #videomarketing #videoediting #tubebuddy

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Here are three places to find really good background music for your youtube videos or any videos really. If you’d like to watch the video training instead, click the play button below.

Here are my TOP THREE places to find really good royalty free background music:

One: YouTube Music Library

This is the first place is where most youtubers start. In here you can find all these free royalty-free tunes to use for your music but the only thing about using this is that everyone else is using these songs as well.

my TOP THREE places to find really good royalty free background music

If you watch enough YouTube videos you'll get to the point that would be like, “oh I've used that before or I recognize that”.

so here are two more places that you can look…

Two: AudioHero through TubeBuddy’s Member Perks

The best way to access AudioHero is through TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a youtube software app and it’s amazing. I got a lifetime deal with TubeBuddy through appsumo and I don't know if they still offer that deal but I love it.

If you get a TubeBuddy paid membership, you get access to all these member perks and they're amazing. I didn't even know that I had these member perks for almost a year but one of the things that you get is access to Audio Hero.

Audio Hero has over 250,000 audio tracks to choose from and that's great because then you get to have all these different sounds and not be using the same music as everyone else on YouTube.

How to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Your Videos #videoediting #backgroundmusic

Here’s the link to TubeBuddy so that you can grab TubeBuddy and then have access to Audio Hero.

Of course you could just get a membership for Audio Hero, but if you're growing your brand on YouTube you probably want to be using TubeBuddy.

Three: Google Search

The last one might sound kind of crazy, but I would say Google would be the the last place to look for a good royalty free music.

You will come across of sites like:

and some people even have their own YouTube videos for royalty free music for background music on YouTube. They usually have something in the comments early in the description that will say something like MUST include this on your YouTube description to use on your videos you know or something like that.

Here’s an example:

As you start creating more videos you want to start you know having in something different that's gonna make you stand out from everyone else that's on YouTube.

Out of the three, if I was just getting started out I would totally just you know start with TubeBuddy and use the Audio Hero because there's so many.

If you have any questions or if there are any great background music sites or software that you think are amazing let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing about it. I hope you're having a good day and hopefully that helps you create better music for your youtube videos.

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Where do you like to source royalty free background music for your videos? Let me know below!

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