Remove Background From Image: Quick and Easy with

I wanted to show you how you can remove the background of a photo really quickly by using this application website called You can do it on your phone or you can use it on your desktop.

It's super super super simple to use and then in another video/blog post, I'll show you how I use this to make my thumbnails or cover art for my youtube channel and how simple it is you don't need Photoshop. It doesn't cost anything and it's just a really quick and easy app to use.

Click play to watch the video now or scroll down to read the quick directions.

Here’s how to works:

  1. Head to

  2. Select a photo ( I usually just pick a selfie)

  3. Once you upload it, scroll down and ta-da it’s magic!

    Note: You can go in here and edit it but I highly suggest using your laptop or you know your computer for that because when you try to do this on your phone it really doesn't work out as well as you think that it will.

  4. Hit the download button and that's it!

Now you will just have something and you didn't have to waste tons of time on something like Photoshop. I hope you're having a good day and let me know if that helped you in the comments below!

If you found this useful, I’d love for you to share it.

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Have you ever used this app? Please let me know below!

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