How I Overcame my Fear of Making Videos

How I Overcame my Fear of Making Videos | Video Confidence #videomarketing #youtubevideos #videocontent

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The easiest way to get used to seeing yourself or hearing yourself on video is to just keep doing it and not really thinking about it. I know that sounds cliché but the more that you do these videos the less you'll really think about, “Oh what do I look like? or what does my hair look like?” or any of that because you'll get used to it and you'll find out what works best for you and you will know what you should do next or things like that.

For me, how I got over it… well I wasn't ready to show myself on camera yet so I just did voiceovers on videos and recorded my screen or I had my camera going the opposite way. Over time I just got used to hearing my voice a little bit before I got used to seeing myself on camera.

To get over seeing myself on camera, I started doing live videos!

I used to have a Facebook group and it was a free Facebook group and every week I challenged myself to go live. For about six or nine months I went live every week inside that Facebook group and I learned a lot.

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I learned things not to do and things that work better and different times of the day that worked better for doing videos and things like that. I learned a lot of things not to do, like I used to sit on a balance ball you know like those big yoga yoga balls I sat on one of those and I loved sitting on it because it was good for my posture and it was more comfortable than sitting in an office chair but anyways when I would record my videos I would subconsciously bounce on the ball so I'm like bouncing on the ball while I was doing the videos…. and that is not ideal. You do not want to be bouncing up and down while you were doing a video, so yeah don't do that!

I also learned that all my neighbors wanted to cut down trees and do yard work and build houses and all these things but you know I could have easily said, “video is not for me.. I'm not going do it because of all those things…” but I I just I didn't let it get to me. I just I kept doing it and most of those things that would happen actually helped me connect with other people and because they would say, “oh yeah every time I go to do a video my neighbor plays loud music or you know something else happens.” and so that was kind of comforting as well.

With the live videos, you can't edit them so you know like if your dog barks or if your kid walks in or if if you had something in your teeth or if your hair sticking up or you know all those kinds of things on a live video… you can't edit those out but you know in pre-recorded videos you can.

There are other things to think about too. I used to edit out every time I said um or if I paused or those kinds of things but now I just leave them in because it doesn't really matter.

When you're creating these videos, it doesn't matter what you're doing or what you look like or what you sound like what really matters is what the value is in your video. Is it gonna help somebody? Is the person watching your video going to get something from it? That's really all that matters.

So stop thinking about yourself when you're doing these videos and think about the person that you're talking to.

I hope you're having a good day, if you have any questions just let me know and if you have any like fun things that have happened in your videos that you want to share with me like that or that you don't recommend other people to do let me know that as well.

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So tell me, What's ONE thing that has helped you overcome your fear of making videos?? LET ME KNOW! 👇

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