How to Overcome the Fear of Being on Camera and Create Videos

How to Overcome the Fear of Being on Camera and Create Videos #videomarketing #createvideos

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These are my five tips that have really helped me overcome the fear of being on camera and creating videos.

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number one: start where you're comfortable.

If you don't want to show your face and do any of talking head types of videos then you don't have to. Just start where you're comfortable. If you just want to record your screen or if you just want to record your hands if you're a maker and you're making something that you want to show someone how to do that then just do that if you want to just share something you know of the camera going the other way that's something you're doing or something you're reviewing that you can totally just do that.

You are in control of what you share in your videos.

number two: don't overthink it.

It is very easy to overthink creating videos but it's really simple. You introduce what you're going to talk about, you share the value of the video and then you close it and tell people thank you for watching and then ask them to you know ask you any questions or give you feedback and that's it. I know that it seems overwhelming but it's really not you just have to plan it out, not overthink it and just keep it simple.

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number three: speak like you're speaking to one person.

This is hands-down the best advice that anyone ever gave me. I used to get so overwhelmed because I would think whoa there's like all these billions of people and they're going to see me and I don't feel comfortable seeing myself or you know I feel self-conscious about what I look like or does my hair look okay or you know do I have a double chin?? or you know any of those kinds of things..... but you really just kind of have to only just think of one person and talk to them.

Think about like your best friend or think about you know that one person that you really know wants to hear what you're going to say and just you know think about them. I have seen people like put little photos underneath the lens so that they'll think "oh I'm talking to this person" or whatever and it works. Keep that in mind when you're doing these videos and it will not be as stressful if you only think about one person.

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number four: believe that you can do it.

When you believe that you can do this and that you can create videos it's a total shift. It's a mindset thing, you'll feel different when you create videos and it won't be so overwhelming because you'll have that I can do this thing.

If you ever want it if you ever want to do something really fun as far as you know trying to get up your confidence doing videos, go to your favorite youtuber's account on youtube.

Go to all of their videos and then there's a little button that says soft by oldest video and what you can do is you can have it sort sorted by their oldest videos. You could watch these youtubers that have like millions of subscribers and you can watch their first video for the first few videos and it is the total boost in confidence because you get to see all these people that you know now they have these amazing videos and these amazing channels but they started at one they started at zero, they started in the beginning. Their first videos will make you laugh because you'll be like "oh wow they've come a long way..." but it will just be a boost in confidence seeing those videos, so when you go to create yours you you know you know about it's not going to be perfect!

number five: practice creates confidence.

The only way that you're gonna get really good at doing this is by just doing it. Creating videos until you get to the point where you're really comfortable seeing yourself on camera or you know hearing your voice or editing your videos or doing live streams or whatever kind of videos are doing... the only way that you're gonna get really good at it is by practicing it. Just keep keep on doing it and just schedule out when you're gonna post videos and just do it. Just work on it and just practice it and I promise so you'll get better at it.

For fun let's just all write a next-level statement in the comments below. It will be like mad libs style (I don't know if anybody else liked to play mad libs when they were younger but it'll be like that).

I feel comfortable recording ______________ (type of videos) but I want to push myself to record _______________ (type of videos) on _______________ (social media platform).

So for instance, when I first started it was, "I feel comfortable recording how to tutorial videos but I want to push myself to record me on camera videos for my youtube channel.

It'll be fun to kind of see where everybody is now and then where we can cheer each other on as we continue making it videos so that we are more confident on camera.

If you want to download my free gain video confidence kit I'll leave the link below and you can do that or you can just head over to and you can get that too.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know your next level comment in the comments below!

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