How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers On YouTube In 2022

How do I get my first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Starting a youtube channel is the easy part, the 1000 subs, and 3k+ views a day is just a little harder. Your first 1000 subscribers are definitely the hardest, but if you stick to your goals and keep going with your channel you’ll hit that goal in no time!

Here are ten helpful tips to help you gain your first 1000 subscribers for your YouTube channel:

1. First Things First, Make A YouTube Channel.

2. Create Content That Is True To Your Interests And Something That You Want To Share With Others.

3. Share Regularly (At Least Once Per Week Is Ideal).

Uploading to YouTube at least once a week is ideal but you do whatever works best for you!

4. Be Active On YouTube.

Watching other YouTubers in your niche and leaving comments on videos too will help YouTube see that you’re an active user.

You want to be active on YouTube watching other channels in your niche so that when people come across your channel they see that you are actively engaged.

Plus you’ll be able to connect with other YouTubers and join a community there as well.

5. Get Creative- Try New Things Like Making Challenges For Yourself Or Others!

A few ways to challenge yourself would be to collaborate with other channels, comment on ten other channels, publish at least one video per week, etc.

6. Promote Your Videos Over Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc).

Share your videos online with other social media platforms that you use. Encourage friends and family to subscribe for updates as well!

Social media is a really important place to share your videos. Make sure you tell your friends and family about your channel, ask them to watch and subscribe and cheer you on as you start this journey! But hey it’s also okay to not tell them until you are ready as well! I have a few students who waited a couple of months or even years before telling their family and friends that they started a YouTube channel- and that’s okay too!

7. Keep Track Of Your Analytics And Stats.

Keeping track of your analytics on YouTube will help you learn about the people who are watching your videos- where they are, how long they watch for, what age group they’re in (just to name a few things). This will also help you plan out future content for your channel.

8. Ask People To Subscribe.

The simplest thing you can do is to ask people to subscribe – in your video description, and inside your video and your social media posts. The more comments you leave on other channels the better so that YouTube will show your name more often in a personalized recommendation feed.

9. Have Patience With Growth: It Won’t All Come At Once.

You’ll see new subscribers every week, starting with just a few the first day or so, and then more and more each week.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes time for views and subscribers to build up – small channels grow slowly but that leads me to my last point…

10. Keep At It: Consistency Is Key! Keep Posting New Videos (And Encouraging Others To Watch Them Too) And Your Channel Will Grow In No Time.

Once you have created and published your channel, the next step is to tell people about it. It sounds simple… but don’t underestimate how hard this can be when you first start out!

If you started a new channel, please let me know by either leaving your channel link below in the comments or tagging me on Instagram! I’d love to know and cheer you on!

When you’re just starting a channel, many YouTube video ideas can feel like “been there done that.” I totally get it – we have all watched videos for years, and it’s tough to find content that feels fresh.

But don’t let this discourage you! It’s okay if your first couple of videos aren’t the most exciting. In fact, the best way to grow a small channel is with consistency and dedication. The more regularly you post new content, the more likely you are going to get new subscribers.

It’s very important not to get discouraged. Even big channels took a while to grow. I might only have under 3K subscribers on my channel, but I do have over 1M views.

You’ll find that by making a commitment to post regularly and encouraging others often, you will eventually start growing your small channel into something much bigger!

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Thank you for reading! I hope this helped someone out there who just started a channel and wonders how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. If it did help please message me on Instagram (@thelindseyhazel) or comment below so that I can know if this helped you! You can also leave any more tips down below in the comments as well, thank you for stopping by!

-Lindsey Hazel 🙂

YouTube Content Creator and Video Mentor

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