10 Easy Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

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When you start a YouTube channel you want to get subscribers and views. Most people focus on their subscriber count, but knowing that people are watching your videos is definitely more important.

It took me about 2 years to reach 1,000 subscribers on my channel, but I hit over 100K views in one year and I average 10k views or watch time a month.

Here’s how June 2019 went!

10 Easy Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Videos #videocontent

Here are ten easy ways you can get more views on your youtube videos:

ONE: Create quality over quantity content.

One mistake that I see YouTubers do (and something that I did as well) is create videos that they think people want to see, the best thing to do is to create quality videos that your audience WANTS to see instead of creating too many unrelated to your niche videos.

TWO: Skip your intro.

Most people found your video because they needed an answer to a problem just skip your intro and get right to it! Plus your title already tells them what your video is about!

You can still include your video intro or video bumper.

Click here to learn how to make your own video intro!

THREE: Ask people to answer a specific question in the comments below- mad lib style.

Encourage people to answer a question fill-in-the-blank style. For instance, on a recent video, I had people do this and I got SO many comments!

Click here to watch what I mean.

FOUR: Promote your video EVERYWHERE.

After you hit publish, promote your video everywhere.

I usually send the link to a few of my friends and family, send it to my email list, share the link on social media, and so on. You can do this without being spammy.

Don’t be that person that begs people to watch your video.

You can send a kind message like, “Hey, I just published a new video, if you have the time, I’d love for you to check it out. Thank you!

FIVE: Use the keywords everywhere extension.

This google chrome extension is so powerful to use when looking for a topic that you want to share.

Here’s the link to download the extension now.

SIX: Use TubeBuddy keyword explorer.

Another keyword tool that is also great for SEO!

Download TubeBuddy here: TubeBuddy.com/lindseyhazel

Here’s why I LOVE using TubeBuddy for my YouTube Channel:

SEVEN: Change up your thumbnails.

Try using 2-4 words, not all caps, easy to read and to the left of your thumbnail so the time stamp doesn’t get in the way!

Change your thumbnails on YouTube and test different ones out!

EIGHT: Try out Live Streaming.

Streaming live anytime is awkward but with practice it does get better! I love to use the software called ecamm live for this!

I use a Mac and eCamm Live has made my weekly live streams SO much easier.

Download your FREE trial of eCamm Live here.

Every week I go live on my YouTube. Click here to join me live every Wednesday at 7:00PM CT.

You can also stream from your phone once you have 1,000 subscribers.

Watch my previous live streams here:

NINE. Posting consistently (at least once a week).

If you're struggling to know what to post, look back through comments that you have received on your videos and answer those questions with a video OR look at comments on other videos within your niche and answer those.

Once I started published at least ONE video per week, I noticed an increase in my youtube views.

TEN: Repurpose your content!

Transcribing your videos and turning them into blog posts, embedding your videos on website, and using copy for social media posts will help you save time!

Here’s a video on that:

YouTube Starter Checklist

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I know that seems like a lot but just do your best!

Out of the tips that I shared above, which one did you enjoy the most!? Let me know!

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