My Honest TubeBuddy Review - 2019

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TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that you download through Chrome. I'm pretty sure they also have it through Firefox and Safari, it's a browser extension that you can use through your browser and it is awesome. If you're a YouTuber, you're gonna be blown away by all of the different things that you can use with this tool.

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Here are the top three things that I love about TubeBuddy:

One: The Keyword Explorer.

Tubebuddy review 2019 lindsey hazel @hazelhaven #tubebuddy #tubebuddyreview #youtube

Two: The YouTube Dashboard and keyword Pool.

You can kind of spy on other channels by using this tool. For instance, I can see in this video that Nick is doing really well for ranking on all these things. He's ranking number one and number two for most of these keywords, so I probably do want add some of those into mine video to try to rank for them as well.

Tubebuddy review 2019 lindsey hazel @hazelhaven #tubebuddy #tubebuddyreview #youtube

Here’s a closeup for the tag rankings.

Tubebuddy review 2019 lindsey hazel @hazelhaven #tubebuddy #tubebuddyreview #youtube

Three: Member Perks.

Another thing you need to do is to log into your account at, and then you have access to these member perks. So, this is something that only is accessible to paid plans, so you have to pay for your TubeBuddy license to get access to these. My favorite one is AudioHero. You have access to over 250,000 premium, royalty free music tracks, and I have another video all about this, but it's awesome.

I love TubeBuddy because I am able to monitor my account, see how my tags are helping me rank on YouTube, find amazing royalty free background music for my videos, and so much more.

Cost: Free (paid options available)

I’m on the Pro Plan which I bought as a lifetime deal a year ago and it is definitely worth it. Click here to grab a lifetime deal for TubeBuddy Pro for $40.

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If you have any questions about TubeBuddy, or you wanna share with me any of your favorite tips, or your favorite things that you like to use with this tool, let me know in the comments so that I can see them.

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