How to Gain Confidence on Video

How to Gain Confidence on Video #videoconfidence #youtube #videomarketing

Start creating videos with confidence.

I love teaching business owners how to create video content and grow their online presence with confidence.

Through video tutorials, social media and the Action Taker Haven, I'm here to guide you through the video stuff with ease!

Video confidence has not always been something that I have been good at, but with patience and practice you can achieve confidence on video.

I’m about to share with you some of the very same tips that helped me grow my videos from 10 views per month to 10,000+ views per month on my YouTube Channel in my first year of creating videos…

...without Facebook ads

...without webinars

...without a fancy business coach

If I can do it...then SO CAN YOU.

The one mistake that I see so many video creators make when they decide that they want to start growing their online presence is that they have no clear plan. There are several steps to take for growing your video confidence and they're pretty simple if you know them. And that's why I created this Video Confidence Challenge for you!

How to Gain Confidence on Video #videoconfidence

Here's a quick outline of what you will learn in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Know your Why

Step 2: Get Ready for the Next Level

Step 3: Wow Them with Your Content

Step 4: Master Your Tech Setup

Step 5: Share Your Spotlight Story

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    Video Confidence takes practice and believing that you can do it.
    — Lindsy Hazel

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    What are your BEST tips for gaining confidence on video? Share them below! ⤵

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