7 Things I Did To Explode My Pinterest Traffic

7 Things I Did To Explode My Pinterest Traffic #tailwind #blogging #onlinebusiness #pinterest

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Last year I mentioned in this post how important it is to track your stats for your online business or blog. At the end of March 2018, I realized that not only did I gain 100+ followers on Pinterest but I also increased my monthly page views on Pinterest to over 150k! This is HUGE for me and I wanted to see what I was doing to gain so much growth so that you could do this as well.

Here are 7 Things I Did to Explode my Pinterest Traffic:

1. use Tailwind Intentionally.

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler and you can learn all about it inside this post: The Ultimate Guide To Using Tailwind For Pinterest.

I’ve been using Tailwind for about 6 months but over the past few months I have been very intentional with how I’m using the app.

Here are a few of my favorite features inside the app:

  • Board Lists

  • Interval planning

I aim to pin 50-70 pins a day. Once a week I fill up my queue to make sure that I can do this. This is what it'll look like inside Tailwind:

tailwind is the best!

  • Tailwind Tribes

By creating my own Tailwind Tribe I have been able to stand out as an expert in the content marketing niche and grow a tribe within the app itself.

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These are my personal results, but if you're interested Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

2. Manually Pin (occasionally).

After watching this video from Elna at Twins Mommy, I started repinning my own pins that people were pinning.

I have noticed that this has helped my popular pins to continue to get traction.

Here's what I do:

- check notifications on Pinterest

- repin my OWN pins that people are pinning

that's it!

3. Changed my board covers to be on brand.

I’m not a fan of spending all day designing board covers for Pinterest mainly because the sizing changes all of the time and it’s a headache to redo them.

However, once I chose stock images to use as my board covers that were on brand, not only did they look great on the computer but also when viewing from a mobile device too.

Here's an example:

I used a mixture of my own images as well as some free stock images from unsplash.com.

4. Joined Group Boards.

You can FIND group boards by:

  • using sites like PinGroupie

  • starting your own group board like I did here

  • searching within your niche for group boards that you want to join

OR from an invite.

I usually look for group boards within my niche, have less than 100 contributors and more than 5,000 followers. That way you know that the group board is popular and you won’t waste any time pinning to boards that don’t help you grow.

Getting on group boards can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but be sure to read the rules, see if they are accepting contributors and if you want to join.

Here is EXACTLY what I write to group hosts for boards that I would like to join. Feel free to COPY this swipe file and use for your own use.

Subject: Request to Join your {their group board name} Group Board

Dear {group board host's name},

Hey there, my name is {your name} and I help {your elevator pitch} at {your website or blog url}.

I would love to join your {their group board name} Group Board on Pinterest. I’m following you and your Pinterest board.

My pinterest profile is: {your pinterest profile}
example: http://www.pinterest.com/hazelhaven

My Pinterest email is: {your pinterest email}

I also have a group board for Online Business owners here: https://www.pinterest.com/hazelhaven/online-business-owners-%2B-bloggers/

If you would like to be added as a contributor, just hit reply and let me know!

Thank you and hope you're having a good day!

{your name}

After using this swipe file you will most likely be accepted as a contributor faster than other ways because this helps show the host that you have agency and take action.

By using this format, I have landed myself on these group boards:

and I know you can too!

If you'd like to join my group board for Online Business Owners click the button below and then follow the group rules.

5. Repin your best pins

Once you sign up for a business account on Pinterest, you can see which of your pins are performing the best. Once you know which ones are your most popular pins, repin those pins to recycle them on Pinterest.

You can repin these pins to:

  • Your “Best of” board

The first board that I have on my profile is my "Best of Hazel Haven" board this could also say Your Website or Blog name.

  • Your Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind and/or Tailwind tribes, Boardbooster

  • Group Boards

  • Your own boards

  • Blog posts and etc.

6. Add MiloTree to your website

I’m usually not a huge fan of pop-ups on people’s websites but once I added MiloTree I definitely noticed an increase in not only my traffic on Pinterest but also my follower count.

Here's what I mean:

With MiloTree you can choose which social media profile you would like to show or it can choose which one to promote for you based on the user.

Here's an example of how you can preview and edit the pop-up button on your site:

MiloTree has a 30-day trial and then it's $9 a month. Try it for 30 days by clicking here and let me know if you love this tool as much as I do!

7. Ask people to follow you.

While the number of followers on Pinterest isn’t one of the most important things to track, I did have this weird goal to hit 2,000 followers by the end of February. Once I was about 20 people away, I asked my audience this question: “Are you following me on Pinterest yet? Help me reach my goal!”

To my surprise a lot of people responded back and followed me.

After following these strategies here's a look at my current traffic overview on Pinterest for March 2018.

(I wish that I had a screenshot from 2017 but I will update this in another 3 months).

And that's It.

Those are 7 things that I have done to explode my Pinterest traffic. Don't worry if if takes you a while to get over 100k monthly views.

Have fun pinning and please share this post!

Now tell me, what is your plan for growing your Pinterest traffic? I want to hear your plan!


Hey there, I'm Lindsey the online educator behind hazelhaven.com. I help action-taking business owners learn how to cultivate content so they can grow their online presence with confidence. I'm an introverted extrovert who loves tech systems, dark chocolate and a strong cup of coffee. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest here!

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