5 Creative Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your List (+ FREE Cheatsheet)

5 Creative Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your List (+ FREE Cheatsheet)

If you are a small business owner then you have most likely heard that you need an opt-in to grow your list. But what exactly is an opt-in? An opt-in is anything that you give someone in exchange for their email address.

Other names for opt-ins include; freebie, content upgrade, opt-in gift, trigger, and lead magnet.

The goal of an opt-in is to provide a solution to one problem. By creating opt-ins you will build trust, humanize your brand and in return grow your email list.

Struggling with what kind of opt-in to create for your small business?

Here are 5 Creative Opt-In Ideas:

Note: Fill in the blanks with topics that will provide value to your audience. For example, 5 Creative Opt-ins to Grow Your Email List (+ Free Cheatsheet) You can enter your information below and download your cheatsheet now:

1. Checklist

Example: How to _________________ (with step-by-step checklist)

Checklists come in handy if you would like to provide someone with a breakdown on how to do something. Plus, people LOVE checklists! If you’re using this as a content upgrade to your blog post, you can include the steps from your post in your checklist.

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2. Worksheet

Example: 3 Ways to _______________

Worksheets are a great opt-in when you want to provide your audience with something they can use to work on while either reading your blog post or watching your video training. These are also super simple to create in something like Canva!

3. Toolkit / Resource Guide

Example: 6 Tools I Use Everyday for ______________

Everyone loves seeing what tools / resources other people are using. By creating a toolkit / resource guide, you’ll be able to share your favorites with your audience. This helps you build trust, share your favorites and as an added bonus you can use your affiliate links for your resources/tools too!

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4. Video Training

Example: Walkthrough tutorial on ______________

Video trainings are a great way to show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. It’s another way to build trust and it humanizes your brand faster than any other opt-in on this list. Note: If you’re not ready for on-camera videos you can always record your screen and use a microphone for walk-through tutorials or lessons.

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5. Audio Training

Example: Listen to your free audio training on ___________

Audio trainings would be something similar to a podcast but it’s just the audio files (listen above for the example). Audio trainings are also simple to record and send in an email or add to a blog post.

All of the creative opt-in ideas above can be easily created with free tools like Canva, Apple Pages, and Google Docs*. For the video trainings, you can use OBS and Quicktime. I personally love Screenflow* for Mac ($99/y). Audio trainings can be recorded via your phone but it will sound better if it is recorded with a nice microphone* connected to your computer.

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No matter which opt-in you decide on, just remember to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this opt-in provide value?

  • Does this opt-in solve one problem?

  • How will this opt-in help my readers?

  • Does this opt-in lead to a paid product?

  • Is this something that I would have downloaded when I was needing help with this topic?

Hopefully, this helps you decide on which opt-ins you’d like to create for your business! Remember, by providing your audience with an opt-in, you are able to give them something of value in exchange for their email address to grow your list. Happy creating!

12 types of creative opt-ins to grow your list cheatsheet

Want a few more creative opt-ins ideas?

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Which creative opt-ins do you think that you will create next? Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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