7 Tailwind Tribes for Creative Bloggers to Boost Their Traffic

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Have you heard of Tailwind Tribes? I LOVE using Tailwind Tribes to grow my Pinterest account and connect with other creative business owners.  

Tailwind Tribes are similar to a group board on Pinterest but better. It's more exclusive, you have to be invited or have a special link invitation to join and you're able to connect with other marketers, bloggers, etc. within your niche.

If you're interested in learning about Tailwind, check out my Ultimate Guide to Using Tailwind for Pinterest here

Tailwind Tribes are great because they are more niched down than a Pinterest group board and you can get the statistics from the tribes that you're in. Here's an example of the reach and repins that I received from one of my tribes. 

I'll write up a separate post about how to use Tailwind tribes soon and link it here.

NOTE: Be sure to read THE RULES for each tribe before you join because the last thing that you would want to happen would be to be kicked out of a tribe.

Using Tailwind Tribes has helped me grow my traffic like crazy pants and I want this for you too!

Here are 7 Tailwind Tribes for Creative Bloggers to Boost Their Traffic:

1. Action Taking Business Owners Community Tribe

This is the Tailwind tribe that I created for Creative Business Owners. If you share helpful posts about blogging, tech tools or owning your own creative business, feel free to join my tribe here: Join the Tribe.

If you're new to Tailwind, and you join my tribe, you'll also receive a free month of Tailwind Plus

2. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

The purpose of this tribe is to help eachother share and discover valuable content related to blogging, infopreneurship, and creative online business.

Created by Alyssa from Alyssa.Ink

3. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest

This tribe is for bloggers who are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording & a well-designed image standard on Pinterest to support one another. 

Created by Jennifer from The Art of Better

4. Blogging Resources

A tribe to put all those handy resourceful pins about blogging that you know fellow bloggers will love too. 

Created by VA Services and Blog Hustle

5. Internet Marketing Super Friends

A tribe about how to learn how to drive traffic and exposure to your blog or e-commerce site. Share anything that deals with traffic, content marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurial tips, affiliate marketing and/or email marketing.

Created by Ike of Internet Marketing Gym

6. Blogging Tips

Pins about blogging, social media, traffic, and affiliate marketing tips.

Created by Kristen from practical mommy

7. Bloggers Chalkboard

Everything to help bloggers - blogging tips, social media tips, monetization methods, email list building.

Created by Cath of This Mama Learns

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Over to you, do you use Tailwind Tribes? Have a Tailwind Tribe that you love or have created? Let me know in the comments below!