How to Get More Views on YouTube for Small YouTubers

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Small YouTubers

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Growing a YouTube channel is hard when you're a newbie. This is everything I did to increase my views on my small YouTube channel.

I average over 10,000 watch time minutes every month, and this is how I do it. (and you can too!)

Skip your intro.

When I first started recording my YouTube videos, I would have a, "Hey, in this video, you're going to learn this." And, it's what I learned, and I just kind of ran with it, but when I stopped using my intro, this is what happened.

This video does not have an intro.

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Small YouTubers

This video does have an intro.

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Small YouTubers

This video does not have an intro, and it's growing every single day.

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Small YouTubers

Change up your Thumbnails.

If you're not getting views, it most likely means people are not clicking your Thumbnails, so change up your designs.

Post videos consistently.

I know it sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes you think that you're being consistent, but you're really not. So, here's an example of when I first started to get on YouTube. I really wasn't that consistent. I thought that I was, but I wasn't. And then, in, I guess the end of 2018, and this year, I've been posting consistently every week, and now my channel is finally growing.

post consistently to get more views on your youtube channel

Use keyword tools, like Keywords Everywhere, and TubeBuddy.

Keywords Everywhere is an extension that you install with your browser, so this is what it looks like when you search in Google. It will give you, you know, this is how many times people are searching for that keyword, or that keyword phrase.

Here’s the link to download the extension now.

So, I'll use this video as an example. How to get more views on YouTube for free, and then it will come up, and underneath the bar, it will have, this is how many times there was a volume search for it. And then, over here on the side, it will also show you how much, and then a few more other things. I used another video to have it turn green, so I'll leave that below, so you can learn how to color code it, for what you want to find. But, you know, here are some other things. So how to increase YouTube views by yourself. So that's one that you could use. You know, it's just really helpful.

All right, TubeBuddy is another browser extension that you can download when you're in Chrome.


My Honest TubeBuddy Review - 2019

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What I really like about it is that you can see your milestones, you can also get your Keyword Explorer. There's another way, I like to use it this way, by just coming in here, and searching for something and then, as you're in YouTube, you can also see the Keywords Everywhere thing, but if you click over here, you can see all of the Keyword Explorer stuff inside TubeBuddy, and this is how you can use it. So, again, going off of what we searched before, and how to get more views on YouTube easy. So a 68's pretty good for weighted and unweighted. I usually try to get anywhere between fair to extra good, or, you know, whatever the best one is. And then what I really like is that you can come in here and you can save your keywords. So, I'm gonna just try a few of these, and save them to this list, and you know, just kind of, I try to get something that's around like 70, but let's see. Oh, and you can also see who's ranking for that keyword, and that comes in handy too. So this one might be a little hard so, I'm gonna add in small YouTubers, so how to get more views for YouTube for smaller YouTubers Oh my goodness, 76! Okay, yeah, I'm totally gonna use that keyword for this video. Okay, so that's good, and it's very good for unweighted. Okay, so I'm gonna copy that. I'm gonna come in here and just click a few more. Okay, so I'm definitely not gonna do, how to grow your YouTube channel, because that got a 3, and I do not wanna be using a 3 for what I'm trying to rank on YouTube. Head over to so you can try out Tube Buddy today.

Try out Live-Streaming.

I started Live-Streaming on my channel, maybe about 12 weeks ago, and it has increased my watch time and views so much. This is just kind of an overview of my audience, and how much it has helped. Now, my live streams, you know, sometimes I'll get lives, and I'll have like 100 people on them. Sometimes I'll only have like two people watching, and that's fine, but what's really helped, is that by keeping them on my channel people still watch them afterwards. So, even though they might not get that many views, the fact that they are, you know, like, hours long, and people watch them it really helps.

If you have a Mac and you wanna do Live-Streaming, Ecamm Live is definitely a good way to go. It's really, really easy for live-streaming on You Tube.

I love Ecamm live. Feel free to use my link to try it today, and see if you like using it too.

And, feel free to join me every Wednesday, for Edit With Me Wednesday, on You Tube at 7pm central time. I look forward to seeing you then.

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